About KiwiBuild

KiwiBuild works to make more new homes available to more New Zealanders.

How KiwiBuild works

KiwiBuild is increasing the supply of homes to New Zealanders by working closely with property developers and manufacturers.

KiwiBuild helps facilitate new housing developments in three main ways:

  1. reduces risk by underwriting homes in new developments
  2. making land available for development
  3. integrating affordable housing into major urban development projects.

When a developer is supported by the KiwiBuild programme, they are required to offer a portion of the homes to eligible KiwiBuild buyers first.

Read more about KiwiBuild eligibility.

KiwiBuild homes are designed for a variety of New Zealanders at different stages in life. They're designed to remain within reach of new home-buyers and so each KiwiBuild home must be sold under the price-cap.

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KiwiBuild and Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities

As part of Kāinga Ora, KiwiBuild works with property developers to deliver more homes to New Zealanders. 

Kāinga Ora brings together the people, capabilities and resources of KiwiBuild, Housing New Zealand and HLC. 

This organisation is designed to enable collaboration in delivering the Government’s priorities for housing and urban development in New Zealand.