About KiwiBuild

KiwiBuild works to build quality, affordable homes in the right places, at the right prices, to give New Zealanders a fair chance to own a home of their own.

Home ownership is important to New Zealand and to New Zealanders.

Owning a home grants people certainty, security and stability. It lets people plant deep roots in their community, improves educational and health outcomes, and allows them to plan for their future. Everyone benefits when New Zealanders own their own homes.

Over the last decade, affordable housing has become increasingly out of reach. The demand for homes has far exceeded supply and the majority of new homes built have not been at the affordable end of the market.

KiwiBuild is just one part of the Government’s plan to tackle the housing crisis.

KiwiBuild is working to change what we build, where we build, and how we build it.  

Firstly, KiwiBuild is increasing the supply of affordable homes by working with property developers to build more affordable, high-quality, starter homes for eligible New Zealanders in the areas that need them.

Secondly, KiwiBuild is transforming how we build - by driving innovation and developing new ways to build high-quality homes, using modern factory building. This is sometimes called modular or prefabricated housing. It keeps costs down, delivers high-quality design and gets more homes completed faster.

The scale of the KiwiBuild programme is vast, and the demand it creates will allow the construction and development industry to invest in their people and new technology. It will help to smooth out the ‘boom-bust’ cycle that has plagued the sector in the past and help prevent another housing shortage emerging in the future.

Most importantly, KiwiBuild will help first home buyers to own their own home.

It’s an ambitious project and it has to be – over the coming years KiwiBuild will transform the way housing is delivered to New Zealanders.