Development partners

KiwiBuild is supporting builders and property developers to build affordable housing for eligible KiwiBuild buyers.

Incentives to partner with KiwiBuild

KiwiBuild is a significant, long term programme to be delivered over the next 10 years. It provides assistance to builders and property developers to build more affordable homes, faster, in places where they are needed most.

The incentives are provided in a number of ways, including:

  • reducing risk for developers by underwriting homes in new developments
  • making land available for development
  • integrating affordable housing into major urban development projects

Criteria for developers

KiwiBuild needs to ensure the right developers are engaged to build quality homes for New Zealanders.

In considering proposals from developers, we take a number of factors into account, including:

  • the developer's track record and financial capacity
  • what market there is for the product offered
  • whether the proposed prices are below the price caps and are market-competitive
  • whether the development is in a priority area
  • whether the proposed development meets KiwiBuild objectives, including expanding and accelerating the supply of affordable homes to KiwiBuild buyers
  • whether the proposed development meets appropriate design standards and aligns with the KiwiBuild brand.

Conditions do apply and all proposals are assessed on their merits. If you are a builder, land developer, end-to-end developer or manufacturer who is interested in working with KiwiBuild, you can find more information on our partnering opportunities on the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development website

You can also email the KiwiBuild team for more information about upcoming opportunities and partnering with us.