Information for developers

KiwiBuild supports property developers in delivering more new homes to more New Zealanders.

Incentives to partner with KiwiBuild

KiwiBuild is increasing the supply of homes to New Zealanders by working closely with property developers and manufacturers.

The incentives to partnering with KiwiBuild include:

  • reducing risk for developers by underwriting homes in new developments
  • making land available for development
  • making housing accessible to more buyers.

Criteria for developers

KiwiBuild needs to ensure the right developers are engaged to build quality homes for New Zealanders.

In considering proposals from developers, we take a number of factors into account, including:

  • developer's track record and financial capacity
  • market demand for the product offered
  • whether the proposed prices are below the price caps and are market-competitive
  • whether the development is in a priority area
  • whether the proposed development aligns with KiwiBuild objectives
  • whether the proposed development meets appropriate design standards and matches the KiwiBuild brand.

Conditions do apply and all proposals are assessed on their merits.

Land for Housing

The Land for Housing programme aims to increase the supply of new homes and pace at which they are built. This is done in collaboration with iwi/hapū and private developers.

The programme:

  • Identifies land that is suitable and available for housing development
  • Acquires land in suitable locations, whether from Crown agencies or from private vendors
  • On-sells that land to developers, who use their own capital to develop the land
  • Requires each site be developed subject to conditions that facilitate the increase and acceleration of housing supply.

Across the Land for Housing programme the Government’s objective is to make:

  • 20 percent of dwellings available for public housing, and
  • a further 40 percent at (or below) KiwiBuild price caps.

The Land for Housing programme expands the former Crown Land Development programme. The intent is to make it national and provide scope to acquire either private or Crown land.

Development partners for Land for Housing

Three panels of private developers have been established to take up any development opportunities that do not fall to iwi under the Land for Housing programme.

Low density Medium density High density
Fletcher Residential Ltd Fletcher Residential Ltd Fletcher Residential Ltd
Classic Group Ltd Classic Group Ltd Classic Group Ltd
The Neil Group Ltd Ockham Residential Urban Growth Partners


KiwiBuild ‘Buying off the Plans’ initiative

The Buying off the Plans initiative involves the Government underwriting or purchasing new homes off the plans that the private sector or others are leading. In exchange, a greater number of KiwiBuild dwellings are built more rapidly.

A common challenge faced by developers is the need to sell a significant portion of dwellings off the plans in order to secure funding for construction. This means that developments can sometimes stall or be put on hold.

The Buying off the Plans initiative means that the Government can give developers the certainty and backing they need to build more homes for New Zealanders.

Partnering with KiwiBuild

KiwiBuild is interested in registrations from experienced residential developers who have access to development-ready land and who are willing to adapt an existing (or planned) development to deliver turnkey affordable KiwiBuild dwellings.

There is no deadline for responses, and developers can register their interest at any time. To participate visit the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS).

Government Electronic Tenders Service

You can also email the KiwiBuild team for more information about upcoming opportunities and partnering with us.