Buying a KiwiBuild home

If you're looking to buy a home, KiwiBuild may be able to help.

There are four main steps to buying a KiwiBuild home.

1. Check if you're eligible for KiwiBuild

If you're interested in buying a KiwiBuild home, and don’t currently own a home or other property, there are a few simple criteria you need to meet in order to be eligible for KiwiBuild.

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2. Learn about available KiwiBuild homes

A home means something different for everybody, so KiwiBuild homes are designed for a variety of New Zealanders with different needs and at different stages in life. There are several types of KiwiBuild homes at different stages of construction all around New Zealand.

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3. Getting ready to buy

When you have found a KiwiBuild home that you're interested in buying, the next step is getting all your finances and documentation together to confirm your KiwiBuild eligibility. You can sign a conditional Sale and Purchase Agreement for your new home at any time during this process.

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4. Purchase and settlement

Once you have been approved for KiwiBuild and signed the Sale and Purchase Agreement, you will go through the settlement process with your solicitor and finalise the ownership of your new home.

Learn about how the purchase process works.