Buying your home

Now that you are ready to buy, it’s time to secure your new KiwiBuild home.

Starting the purchase process

If the home you want to buy is sold by direct sale, the developer or the real estate agent will help guide you through the buying process.

You can find a list of KiwiBuild homes for sale on our interactive map as well as contact details for each development.

If the home you want to buy is being sold through a ballot, you can enter the ballot through the KiwiBuild portal once you have set up your account. In your account, you will find a step-by-step application guide that will walk you through the balloting process.

Talk to a lawyer and settle up

You’ll need to talk to a lawyer who will help you manage the purchase and settlement of your new home (settlement is when you pay the full purchase price and formally complete the purchase process).

If you’re planning to use a KiwiSaver withdrawal, First Home Grant or First Home Loan to help pay for your new home, your lawyer will be able to help you finalise these details.

You will also need to sign a KiwiBuild Deed of Covenant [PDF 641KB]. This confirms you intend to own and live in your new KiwiBuild studio or one-bedroom home for at least 12 months, or at least three years for a two or more bedroom home.

Once the paperwork is signed and everything is confirmed, you can start making plans to move into your new home!