Purchase and settlement

Once you’re an approved KiwiBuild buyer and found the home you want, it’s time to make your purchase.

The KiwiBuild purchase process

KiwiBuild homes are made available to purchase through two methods of sale:

Direct sale

A purchase by direct sale means that you are purchasing the home directly from the developer or their real estate agent, just as you would any other home.

You will enter into a ‘conditional agreement’ with the agent while they confirm your KiwiBuild eligibility and finances.


A purchase by ballot means that KiwiBuild believes there is a greater number of interested buyers than available homes at a specific development. All eligible buyers who have expressed an interest will be pooled and names drawn against the homes that are up for sale.

This is to ensure the process is fair and all interested buyers have an equal opportunity in purchasing a home.

Only buyers pre-approved for KiwiBuild may enter ballots, so you will need to ensure that you have got yourself ready to buy before the ballot opens.

The method of sale for each KiwiBuild home is available on the KiwiBuild website, and from the developer or their real estate agent.


Once your KiwiBuild home purchase has been approved, your solicitor will help you manage the final details of your settlement. This can include:

  • the formal transfer of ownership
  • finalising details of your mortgage with your lender
  • finalising details of your KiwiSaver withdrawal, First Home Grant or First Home Loan (if applicable).

You will also need to sign the KiwiBuild Deed of Covenant. This is a legal agreement that you intend to live in your KiwiBuild home for a minimum period of time before the home can be rented out or sold.

  • at least one year for a studio or one-bedroom home; or
  • at least three years for a home with two-bedrooms or larger.

Once all your paperwork is signed, you will be advised of your final settlement date and you can start making plans to move into your new KiwiBuild home.

We strongly recommend seeking out independent legal advice before signing a Sale and Purchase Agreement.

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