What types of homes can I buy?

We understand that finding a first home can mean different things for different people.

KiwiBuild homes come in different shapes and sizes to suit the different needs of first home buyers.

What kind of homes does KiwiBuild offer?

KiwiBuild homes range from comfy studio apartments to four-bedroom stand-alone homes, and are sold in different stages of construction.

Some are complete and ready for you to move into straight away and some are currently being built, which means you can buy them ‘off the plans’. 

Some of the KiwiBuild homes available include: 

Stand-alone home 

A stand-alone home (also called a single-detached home) is a free-standing residential home that can include a yard or outdoor area. 

Attached townhouse or duplex

An attached townhouse (or duplex house) is two individual homes that share a wall and can include similar amenities to a stand-alone home.

Terraced townhouse

Terraced housing (or row housing) refers to several individual homes or dwellings in a row that are connected on one or both sides by a shared wall. 


An apartment is a self-contained residential home as part of a larger multi-storey complex. Depending on size, an apartment building could be considered high-rise (over four storeys) or a low-rise development (under four storeys).

Apartments can also share common amenities such as outdoor areas, fitness and recreation facilities, garages and car park facilities, and building security.

Most KiwiBuild homes are available to buy straight away via a direct sale with the developer or their real estate agent, and from time to time KiwiBuild homes will be sold through a ballot system. 

You can see the type of home, stage of construction and method of sale for each KiwiBuild home or development on our interactive map.

Where are KiwiBuild homes located?

There are KiwiBuild homes in many great locations across New Zealand, and new developments are getting underway all the time. 

You can see what homes are available now and follow the progress of new developments on our interactive map.

How much do KiwiBuild homes cost?

The price of a KiwiBuild home depends on its size and location. KiwiBuild uses price caps to ensure KiwiBuild homes remain within reach of first time buyers.

It’s important to note that these are price caps. In many cases, homes are likely to be sold for under the maximum price.

In Auckland and Queenstown-Lakes, KiwiBuild homes are below the following price caps:

Studio, 1 bedroom or 1 bedroom + study Capped at $500,000
2 bedrooms Capped at $600,000
3 or more bedrooms Capped at $650,000

In all other regions, the price cap  for a KiwiBuild home of any size is $500,000 except in Wellington where a 3 or more bedroom home can be up to $550,000.

In some developments, larger KiwiBuild homes of four or more bedrooms may be above the price caps.

Once you’ve found a KiwiBuild home you love, the next step is to get yourself ready to buy.