Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about KiwiBuild

The FAQs are designed to be helpful, but they are not a complete discussion and shouldn’t be viewed as a substitute for legal advice.

If you would like to contact the KiwiBuild team (8am-5pm, Monday to Friday), please get in touch. 

Frequently asked questions

Who is KiwiBuild for?

KiwiBuild is for New Zealanders who don’t currently own a home and are looking to buy in the future.

Read the KiwiBuild eligibility requirements.

How does KiwiBuild work?

KiwiBuild helps facilitate new housing developments and in return property developers reserve a portion of their homes for eligible KiwiBuild buyers. 

Read more about how KiwiBuild works.

What are KiwiBuild homes like?

KiwiBuild homes range from cosy studio apartments to multiple-bedroom stand-alone homes. These new homes are often sold in different stages of construction.

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Where are KiwiBuild homes available?

There are KiwiBuild homes in many locations across New Zealand, and new developments are popping up often. To stay up to date with new developments and when they’re for sale, subscribe to our mailing list.

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How much do KiwiBuild homes cost?

The price of a KiwiBuild home depends on its size and location. Price caps are used to ensure Kiwibuild homes remain within reach of more New Zealanders.

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Are KiwiBuild homes subsidised by the Government or given away for free?

No. KiwiBuild home buyers need funding (such as a mortgage) like any other home buyer.

KiwiBuild homes are not subsidised, but there are government programmes available to help you buy a home.

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Can I buy a KiwiBuild home in a different part of New Zealand to where I currently live?

Yes. As long as you intend to own and live in the home as your primary residence for the required time period, you can purchase a KiwiBuild home anywhere in New Zealand.

However, it’s important to note that it may be difficult to secure financial pre-approval from your bank or other lender for a location where you don’t currently have a job or source of income.

Why are some KiwiBuild homes being sold ‘off the plans’ and others once they are complete?

It is common practice in a new housing development to offer homes for sale ‘off the plans’ while they're still under construction. Typically, some homes sell in this way and others don’t sell until they are complete. KiwiBuild works the same way.

Sometimes buyers purchase ‘off the plans’ because they want to secure a KiwiBuild home early. Other buyers may choose to wait until the homes are fully completed before looking at making a purchase. It is completely up to you.

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How much of a deposit do I need to buy a KiwiBuild home?

Once you know the price of the home you wish to buy, you will need to discuss the required deposit amount with both the developer and your bank or financial lender.

As all KiwiBuild homes are new builds, banks may require as little as five percent deposit for the home. Keep in mind that you’ll need proof of financial pre-approval from a bank or other lender in order to purchase a KiwiBuild home. 

Our advice is to begin talking to a bank, mortgage broker, or financial advisor as soon as you start looking to buy a home.

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Can I use my KiwiSaver balance to buy a KiwiBuild home?

It may be possible to use your KiwiSaver account toward the purchase of your first home, however there are some conditions.

Find out more on the KiwiSaver website.

What’s the difference between buying by direct sale and buying through a ballot?

Buying by direct sale means that you can buy directly from the developer or their real estate agent.

If KiwiBuild believes there will be a greater number of interested buyers than available homes in a development, a ballot system may be used. This ensures the sales process is fair and everyone has an equal opportunity to buy a home. If homes are being sold by a ballot system, this will be clearly identified on the KiwiBuild website.

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How do I stay informed about KiwiBuild?

Be the first to hear about KiwiBuild updates, upcoming developments, and new homes for sale by subscribing to our mailing list.

What will KiwiBuild do with my information?

KiwiBuild use the information and documents you provide to determine if you are eligible and ready to buy a KiwiBuild home. All information is kept securely.

For more information, read the KiwiBuild privacy policy.

Who do I need to talk to about buying a KiwiBuild home directly?

For developments where homes are available by direct sale, you will need to get in touch with the developer or the real estate agent and discuss the requirements of sale.

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What if I change my mind about buying a KiwiBuild home during the purchase process?

As with any home purchase, you are entitled to decline the opportunity to buy the KiwiBuild home up until you sign an agreement with the seller.

Why do I have to commit to living in my KiwiBuild home?

KiwiBuild’s goal is to make new homes available to the New Zealanders that need them most. To ensure our buyers intend to use the home themselves, there is a minimum period of time before a KiwiBuild home can be rented out or sold.

Read the KiwiBuild eligibility requirements.

Can I sell or rent my KiwiBuild home?

You can have flatmates or boarders, but the home must remain the buyer’s primary place of residence. If a buyer breaches this agreement, 30 percent of any rental income or capital gain may need to be returned to the Government.

Read the KiwiBuild eligibility requirements.