Information for developers

Working with KiwiBuild

The KiwiBuild “Buying off the Plans” initiative is part of a broader government strategy to facilitate the development of more affordable homes in New Zealand.

The initiative involves the Crown underwriting new homes off the plans in developments that are led by the private construction sector. The underwrite gives developers the certainty and backing they need to deliver developments that may not otherwise proceed or at a greater pace than initially planned. 

In return, an agreed number of underwritten homes are sold to eligible KiwiBuild buyers at more affordable price points.

Registrations of interest

Registrations of interest are invited from experienced residential developers, who have access to development-ready land and are willing to deliver turnkey, affordable KiwiBuild homes at scale. If you have a development or construction project you would like to be considered for the initiative, you can submit your application through the Buying off the Plans “Invitation to Participate” (ITP). 

As part of the consideration process, KiwiBuild assesses several factors so it can work with developers that are building quality homes for New Zealanders that advance KiwiBuild objectives:

  • the developer's track record
  • that the right type of homes will be built
  • that the homes will be built in the right place
  • that the homes will be available at the right price point

The ITP process documents outline mandatory and discretionary requirements and can be downloaded from the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS).

If you don’t already have a GETS account set up, you will need to create one by registering as a Supplier before you can submit your application.

You can contact the KiwiBuild Buying off the Plans team at