Home price caps

The sale price of a KiwiBuild home is set by the developer and will reflect its type, size and location. To keep KiwiBuild homes in more affordable price ranges, price caps are used that set the maximum price all KiwiBuild homes can be sold for.

The current KiwiBuild price caps are:

Location Capped at
Auckland & Queenstown Lakes, studio or one-bedroom $500,000
Auckland & Queenstown Lakes, two-bedroom $600,000
Auckland & Queenstown Lakes, three-bedroom $650,000
Wellington, three-bedrooms $550,000
Rest of New Zealand $500,000

In some developments, larger KiwiBuild homes with four or more bedrooms may become available and will be priced accordingly. View available KiwiBuild homes.

Disclaimer: All reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information presented at time of publishing. Policies applicable to KiwiBuild homes and price points may be changed, added to, or otherwise amended without notice at any time.

Page updated: 24 May 2021