Buying by direct sale or ballot

KiwiBuild homes can be available to buy through direct sale or by a ballot draw. The method of sale will vary with each development and depend on the demand for and types of homes available in a particular area.

The method of sale for each development or home can be found on the available homes page. You can also contact the developer, or their sales agent or representative for details.

Buying by direct sale

Buying a home by direct sale means that you are purchasing the home directly from the developer or through their sales agent. When you make an offer to buy, you will enter into a Sale and Purchase Agreement with the developer and proceed with the terms and conditions of purchase.

Read more about the home buying process.

Buying by ballot draw

A ballot draw may be used to sell KiwiBuild homes when there is a high level of demand for homes in a specific development. This is done to ensure that the process is fair, and provides an equal opportunity for all interested buyers.

You will need to have confirmed your eligibility for KiwiBuild before you can enter a ballot.

How a ballot draw works

All KiwiBuild homes sold by ballot will be announced in advance and before entries into the draw start being accepted. This is to provide time for interested buyers to complete an eligibility application and get their finances ready.

Once the entry period has closed, the KiwiBuild team will check the entries and draw the ballot at random for each home in the draw. The successfully drawn entrants will then have the opportunity to proceed with purchasing the home and continue with the terms and conditions of purchase.

To enter a ballot, you will need to:

  1. Submit your eligibility application to KiwiBuild 
  2. Find the balloted homes in the Buyer Portal(external link) that you are interested in
  3. Enter the ballot draw when the entry period opens

You can enter as many draws as you like, but you can only be successfully drawn for one and your name will be automatically removed from any additional ballots you have entered.

Page updated: 15 May 2024