Submit your application

Having your eligibility for KiwiBuild pre-approved can help speed up the purchase process when you have found a KiwiBuild home you would like to buy. You will also need to be pre-approved in order to enter the draw for any homes sold by ballot.

If you need help with submitting your application for eligibility, the KiwiBuild team is available to help from 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Prepare your eligibility documents

All named individuals on your application will need to provide a:

  • Certified copy of their New Zealand birth certificate, citizenship certificate, passport and/or visa status
  • Summary of income(external link) from Inland Revenue for the previous 12 months
  • Signed copy of the KiwiBuild Statutory Declaration

Self-employed applicants can provide one of the following alternatives as evidence of income:

Make a statutory declaration

You make a statutory declaration when you need to officially declare that something is accurate and genuine. The KiwiBuild Statutory Declaration [PDF, 113 KB] is a written document that must be completed and signed by all named individuals on your application in front of an authorised witness, along with your other eligibility documents.

An authorised person in New Zealand can be a Justice of the Peace, a solicitor or notary public, or a Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the District or High Courts.

More information about who can witness a statutory declaration.(external link)

Submit your application

After you have had all your documents certified by an authorised person, you can submit your eligibility application to KiwiBuild. You will need to:

  1. Create a KiwiBuild account(external link)
  2. Upload your certified eligibility documents
  3. Upload your signed statutory declaration
  4. Submit your application to the KiwiBuild team

Please allow for up to five working days for your application to be processed. You will receive a notification from the KiwiBuild team if your application has been approved, or if you need to provide any additional information.

Your eligibility pre-approval will last for six months. You will receive a notification from the KiwiBuild team to update your details if you are getting close to expiry.


Page updated: 13 October 2021